Tuesday, August 18, 2015

First Day of School for MJ and Ty

Ty is now at the "big school" with MJ!  We had a semi-dramatic start to our school year last week.  Ty spiked a low grade fever the night before his very first day of Pre-K so we kept him home -he was not very happy about it.  MJ was sad to go to school without Ty (he is very excited that they are in the same school again) but he was ready to begin FIRST GRADE!

How is my baby boy in first grade already?!!  He looks so grown up with that missing front tooth (he has also lost all four bottom teeth but two of his permanent ones are in).  He absolutely adores his new teachers and we are blessed to be a part of an incredible, supportive school.  We had our annual diabetes action plan meeting and I know he is in excellent hands there!

Ty felt much better the next day and had no fever... He was excited (and a little nervous) to start Pre-K! 

They went to school three days last week and only for half days which I think was a nice "gradual entry" into school - especially for Ty.  He was only going three hours a day last year and is now going 7.5 hours per day! 

Yesterday when I went to pick them up from carpool I spotted MJ standing there with his arm around Ty while they looked for my car.  It was so precious...I wish I had time to take a picture but a car pulled up next to me before I could grab my phone.  I'll try again today!  All they talked about on the way home was how they saw eachother at lunch - MJ helped Ty get his food and sit down at his table.  They were also excited to see cousin James (who is also in Pre-K at the school but is in the other Pre-K class)!    Just adorable.  I am already missing them during the day but I'm glad to have Catelin and Jake at home - at least until Catelin starts preschool in a couple of weeks! 

Happy first day of school, MJ and Ty Ty!