Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Great Grandma Irene is 100!

A couple of weeks ago, all of us flew up to Duluth, Minnesota to celebrate Great Grandma Irene's 100th birthday!!!  And when I say all of us, I mean Steve and I with all 4 kids along with Steve's 3 brothers and their families.  SEVENTEEN of us stayed in a house together - including 9 grandchildren (of which MJ is the oldest at the age of 6!).  Yes, it was very busy but all of the kids did great and we had so much fun.

We flew from Atlanta to Duluth with a layover in Minneapolis.  Jacob went on his first plane ride!!  He did amazing and slept the majority of the time.  MJ, Ty and Catelin have become quite the little travelers and did great as usual.  One of the flight attendants actually came up to me and said "you have the best, most well-behaved children."  To which I had to laugh and replied, "let's see if you say that after 24 hours with them instead of 2.5!"  hahahaha

The kids loved riding the train at the airport with cousin Reese:

We got into our rental car- a minivan (I love those sliding doors)- and about 5 minutes later I hear MJ yell from the backseat "Mommy, I lost my tooth!"  Yep he sure did!  This is the 4th tooth to come out but it is the first top tooth.  He literally looked 2 years older when I turned around and saw him.  And of course I started to tear up - how did my baby boy become so grown?

And yes, the tooth fairy visited him in Minnesota that night! 

Duluth is a beautiful city on Lake Superior - here are some pictures from my morning runs along the lake.

We took the kids down to Canal Park where they actually got IN the cold water and enjoyed throwing rocks and spending time with our extended family.

Great Grandma Irene's party was lovely- she looked incredible!  Everyone took turns visiting and taking pictures with the birthday girl!

And I had to get this picture of GG - born in 1915 and baby Jacob- born in 2015.  ONE HUNDRED years apart!

Here are a few more pictures from our trip...

We had a wonderful time.  Happy 100th birthday to Great Grandma Irene!!

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  1. LOVE the picture of her with Jacob. Wow- that is AMAZING!!!