Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it Snow

I love the snow!

Snow Day! We got atleast 6 inches of snow here last night. The roads are terrible, with more sleet and freezing rain coming our way. Steve had to cancel their work day due to the awful road conditions, and my office closed for the day. The good news is we are having a ton of fun playing in the snow!

"More snow angels, daddy!"

On second thought, I'm pretty comfy just laying like this

We could not believe how much snow had accumulated overnight. Our house and street looked gorgeous this morning. The snow has a light layer of ice on it, so it was a little hard to build a you can see, we made snow angels instead.

Our house covered in snow

Our little street was so quiet this morning

We don't have a real sled since it never snows here, but I did have some boxes from Amazon (my favorite online store) that we used as a make-shift sled. MJ went down our hill on it, but flipped out at the end and landed face first in the snow. It was hilarious! Needless to say, he didn't want to do much more "sledding" after that. haha

Mommy and MJ

Even Ty joined in on all of the fun

Daddy and baby Ty

We will be enjoying more snow later!....


  1. Awww! Even baby Ty got into the fun! Miss you, Jules!


  2. love these pics! looks like y'all had fun!