Sunday, August 21, 2011

August Heat

We love the zoo!

It has been one hot summer. The past few weeks have been busy as usual... We've had family birthday celebrations, a ton of playdates, cookouts with friends, outings to museums/parks/the zoo, and ofcourse trips the pool!

We try to take the boys swimming at Dunwoody Country Club every weekend we are in town. After a few weeks of thinking about jumping off of the diving board, MJ finally did it! (and ofcourse, now he won't stop)!

I'm going to do it this time



I think I'll hang out here in the baby pool and watch

My dad had a BIG birthday last week...At the request of my mom, I won't publicly state how old he is (but you may be able to tell if you look closely at the cake). :)
We had a great time celebrating at their house on Lake Lanier.

Granddad with MJ and Ty

Happy Birthday!

So, I have to call out my wonderful husband just for a second. I went to a prayer group one night last week - I was gone for maybe an hour, and this is what I came home to:

Sigh. A mommy never rests. :)

Here are pictures from our recent "adventures"...


MJ the explorer


Ty in the canoe

Petting the triceratops

Photo booth with mommy

PDK airport park (always a favorite):

Mommy, it's getting hot out here

I think I can pull myself up with this rope

Northpoint playground/carousel with Ms. Lisa:

Children's Museum:

Hey mom, check out this forklift!

Fun in the backyard:

Ty with Sam (Ms. Lisa's nephew)

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  1. Looks like yall have had a fun month! The boys are both so adorable.

    I laughed out loud at the little mess you came home to -- it looks pretty familiar!