Monday, September 5, 2011

First day of school

I'm ready!

Last week, MJ had his first day of preschool. He was in the "Young Two's" class at OLA last year, so this year he is in the Monday, Wednesday, Friday two year-old class.

Let's go!

Mom, how many more of these pictures do we have to take?!

MJ with mommy

Monday morning, we had a meet and greet with MJ's teachers and the other kids in the class. He liked having me there at school with him and kept insisting that I was going to school with him every day. I was pretty nervous about drop off on Wednesday.

Our conversation in the car on Wednesday (his first real day of school) went something like this:

MJ: Mommy, are you worried?

Me: I don't think so, bud. Why do you ask?

MJ: Because you look worried.

Me: I guess I am a little worried. I don't want you to be sad; I want you to be happy when you get to school. I can't stay with you today, sweetie.

MJ: Don't worry about me, mommy. I am going to be just fine. All of my friends will be there to play with me...and I will get a pillow pet if I don't cry!

Ok, I must call myself out here (please don't judge me!)- I told MJ that if he didn't cry at school, I would get him this pillow pet thing he has been talking about for the past month. It is truly the ugliest thing I have ever seen...but it did save me a lot of heartbreak- drop off went smoothly and MJ was all smiles. :)

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  1. Go bribery, man. Don't worry, this will be the first of many. .. wait 'til y'all get to the Nintendo DSi stage!

    OMG, do you HAVE to look so cute?