Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ty at 11 months- Mr. Personality

11 months old!

I'm a little over a week late posting this, but here is Ty's 11 month update...

Time is going by way too fast - I wish Ty could be my baby forever. Over the past couple of months, his personality has blossomed; he definitely knows what he likes/dislikes (and he is not afraid to let you know). He is such an easy-going, sweet, loving baby - I hope he stays this way through toddlerhood!


-his big brother. MJ and Ty are two peas in a pod; they want to be around each other all of the time. I actually think Ty is a little sad that MJ is back in school.

-being outside. I am so glad the weather is starting to cool down - he could play out there forever! The park is always a favorite.

-"walking"- as long as he is holding onto or pushing something. He is still afraid of walking independently (which is just fine by me). :-)

-anything with wheels.

-balls. He could entertain himself for hours by throwing a ball and chasing after it.

-books. He likes to sit and turn the pages- he usually turns them much faster than I read them.

-getting into everything. There are only 2 cabinet doors that are not baby-proofed in my kitchen. He knows exactly which ones they are, and he goes right to them every day. He dumped my entire bag of Dunkin Donuts french vanilla coffee (which I obviously didn't think he could reach) on the floor the other day. Mommy was not happy. Daddy promised to baby-proof that cabinet asap.

- airplanes. He will stare at one until it is no longer in sight. If we are inside and he hears one, he immediately looks up (and is disappointed he can't find it)!

-the bathroom and the stairs. Any time you open the bathroom door, he makes a bee-line over to it. He is so fast that he often gets there before you can shut the door. Same thing goes for the stairs - if he sees or hears you open that baby gate? Forget about it; he is there in a split second. It's like he knows these places are "forbidden"

-eating. Especially feeding himself (not so much with the spoon - see dislikes below)

-sleeping. Still a great sleeper. 2 naps (about 1.5-2 hours each) during the day; 11-12 hours straight per night.


-being changed. Sometimes I feel like I have to pin him down in order to get his diaper or clothes on. He is strong, too!

-being fed with a spoon. We have to distract him with something or he won't eat from the spoon. Little Mr. Independent prefers to feed himself.

-confinement. He does not like being in the exersaucer, jumperoo, or walker; he wants to be able to roam around. He will actually get behind the walker and push it instead of getting in it!

-missing his naps. This leads to one cranky baby.

Words and babbles:

These words are not always reproducible, but he says them when he wants to!

-"ball" - specific to the object.

-"bye-bye" - he waved to me and said this the other day when I put him down for a nap.

-"mama" - sometimes this is just a babble, but other times he is trying to get my attention.

-"wow" - I know this is just a babble, but he usually says it in the right context. It cracks me up.

Next month will be my last monthly update for Ty... my baby is going to be one. It is truly bittersweet.

Happy 11 months, my sweet baby boy.

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  1. Love the pictures of MJ and Ty playing together!