Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ty at 10 months

I forgot what a fun age this is! Ty is learning at an exponential rate, and it is incredible to watch.

Favorite toys:
Like most babies, his favorite toys are actually not toys at all- he prefers to play with water bottles, remote controls, car keys, phones, and anything with wheels. He and MJ have also been enjoying their new water table...

Favorite games:
He is becoming more playful every day.... He loves to roll the ball back and forth to his brother. He likes to throw toys and chase after them. He still hides behind sofas/coffee tables/etc to play peek-a-boo. He laughs hysterically when MJ chases after him - he is so good at crawling that sometimes it is hard for MJ to keep up! We ask him "how big is Ty?" and he will throw his arms up while we say "SO BIG!"

Gross motor skills:

While MJ was able to walk across a room by 10 months, Ty (thankfully) is still in the cruising phase. He pulls up on everything- my leg, the sofa/coffee table/bathtub/chairs. He is able to walk a few steps with his little "push" walking toy (see pic below). I am not in a hurry for the walking thing; his incredible efficiency at crawling has already added enough stress to my life! haha

He is even crawling up the stairs now, so I am constantly reminding myself to close our baby gate (which I haven't had to do since we moved in).


Ty has been saying "dadada" for a couple of months now, but this month he started say "mama" much more. I swear that sometimes he knows he is calling me. If he gets scared or upset, he crawls over to me saying "mama, mama;" then, he gets to me and waves his arms until I pick him up. Does that count as his first word?? I'm not sure that Steve is buying the whole "mama" thing, but I am definitely convincing myself. :)

Favorite Foods:

Just like his daddy and brother, he loves the Waffle House, especially the raisin toast and waffles. He still eats atleast one jar of baby food at each meal along with solid food (pancakes, bread, granola bars) that he is able to feed himself. His favorite snacks are Cheezits and Goldfish. He is down to 3 bottles a day; I can't wait to transition to milk in 2 months!


Ty got his first haircut this month! He handled it like a pro, and the cut is adorable. Here are the before and after photos:

Sleeping Habits:
He continues to be a great sleeper. He sleeps 11-12 hours at night and takes a nap from roughly 9:00-11:00 and 2:00-4:00 during the day.

Happy Baby:

Doesn't this smile just melt your heart???

Happy 10 months, my sweet baby boy.

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  1. Hi Ty!
    I love watching you grow!
    Grandma love you