Wednesday, January 25, 2012

January Updates


I can’t believe my baby is now a toddler! Ty had his 15 month appointment a couple of weeks ago… he is doing great and remains a big boy: 26 lbs, 10 oz (~80%); just over 32.5” (~85-90%). I think he has about 12-15 words, but there are probably 8-10 he says on a regular basis. We finally got rid of his nighttime bottle last month; thankfully, it was much less dramatic than I anticipated. He is starting to eat with a spoon but often gets frustrated when he can’t shovel it into his mouth as fast as he wants. :) He is still such a sweet, happy little boy!!!

ty music class 1ty music class 2

Ty having a blast in music class!


I wish I recorded the daily conversations I have with my 3 year old. Watching his little mind at work is truly amazing. Below is a sample conversation from this past weekend.

Me: I’m not sure if we should go to the Waffle House this morning. There is a bad thunderstorm out there with a lot of lightning; I think we should stay here and make breakfast instead.

MJ: Mommy, no, we are going to the Waffle House…that is my choice.

Me (trying so hard not to laugh): Well, buddy, actually it is not your choice, it is my choice.

MJ: Oh (looking defeated)…well, I really want your choice to be to go to the Waffle House. Please, mommy?!

Me (still trying not to laugh): Ok, bud, let’s go!

MJ: YAY! That was a great choice. Thank you, mommy! (followed by bear hug and kisses).

MJ is becoming more independent every day, and believe it or not, it makes me a little sad. I lay out his clothes for him, and he now dresses and undresses himself (sometimes it’s backwards, in which case mommy does get to step in and help)! He goes to school three days a week and loves it. He also really enjoys the sports class he takes on Thursdays and is becoming a pro at following multi-step directions. Every day is a new adventure with this little boy, and I absolutely love it.

boys airport parkboys hug

boys 1

And he loves his little brother!


Steve got a BIG promotion earlier this month and is now the official PRESIDENT of Eagle Rock Distributing! I could not be more proud of him. I have no idea how he juggles the millions of things he has to do, but somehow he does it all with ease. I truly admire the incredible work ethic that has gotten him to this point… but what I admire more is that he is the definition of a family man. Congratulations, my hubs! No one is more deserving.


After months of debate, I decided to go part time. I am currently working four days a week and will go down to three days a week next month. I found the perfect partner to fill in my other two days, and I know she will take wonderful care of my patients when I am not there. Please say a few prayers that this transition will go smoothly!

Some of you have asked to see a baby bump picture…here is one from Carrie’s baby shower this past weekend. We have come a long way since college!

baby bumpCarrie (30 weeks, baby #1), Me (20 weeks, #3), Erin (14 weeks, #1)

Baby #3:

We had our anatomy scan this week…it is hard to believe we are already half way there! Baby #3 is doing great and measuring right on track. The official due date is June 11th. Below is one of the ultrasound pics- I still can’t decide if I think it is a boy or a girl!



  1. Thanks for the update! We have to get together soon; I miss you and your precious boys! I LOVE the picture of all three of you girls. You are all so precious! Congrats to Steve (awesome!) and congrats to you, too, in your decision to go part time. I hope the transition goes smoothly and that you enjoy the added time with your family. Hope you're doing well! Love you!

  2. Just got caught up on the Economos blog. Congratulations to Steve and you both. Love the girls' belly picture! Can't wait to meet #3! xoxo