Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I can’t believe another year has come and gone. We have had a wonderful past couple of weeks. We went to the OLA children’s mass on Christmas Eve, and the boys actually behaved the whole time! It turns out that having mass during snack time is brilliant…unfortunately, they don’t have those times on regular Sundays! After mass, we had dinner with Steve’s parents. Steve made a few different types of turkey on the Green Egg, and all were equally delicious. The boys got to open a few presents on Christmas Eve, including a brand new big wheel/tricycle!

Family Christmas Eve

Ty Christmas EveTy on present


We had a very busy Christmas day. The boys woke up to find a HUGE pile of toys from Santa. MJ was sad that Simie (our elf on the shelf) went back to the North Pole, but he was thrilled that he gave a good report to Santa that landed him on the “nice” list. Ty enjoyed ripping the wrapping paper – like most 14 month olds, he was quite content playing with and sitting on the boxes. In addition to all of the presents from Santa, mommy and daddy surprised the boys with a train table.

Ty Christmas DayMJ Christmas Day

Boys opening presentsMJ riding motorcycle

boys train tablefamily train table

My family came over around mid-morning for Christmas brunch. As most of you know, I am about as far away from Betty Crocker as it gets, so my mom brought over her famous french toast, pumpkin bread, and egg/sausage casserole. We got to hear all about Ann and Jeff’s honeymoon to Bali, Indonesia – it sounded amazing!!!

Boys Chrismas brunchFamily Christmas brunch

ty and eddiemom, dad, ann, jeff

We decided to be lazy and spend the day in our pajamas. Around mid-afternoon, we headed over to Steve’s parent’s house for even MORE presents and a delicious Christmas dinner.

christmas dinnerboys and grandma, grandpa

lee, mike, and fam Christmas

When we got home, we reminded MJ about Jesus and the meaning of Christmas. MJ proceeded to sing happy birthday to Him and prayed that baby Jesus would get a lot of presents, too! Smile


  1. Love this post and the pictures! The boys are just SO cute! Glad ya'll had a great Christmas!

  2. Wow- it actually let me publish a comment. Exciting! ;)