Thursday, November 1, 2012

Hall of Fame and Homecoming

Steve received a huge honor Friday night when he was inducted into the Marist Hall of Fame.  He was nominated by his basketball coach, Ron Bell (who was also inducted into the school’s hall of fame this year)!  We could not have been more proud of him.  Apparently Steve was a stud not only in basketball but also in baseball because people kept asking me which sport he was inducted for (he went on to play both of these sports at GT! ) 

Family pic- HOF
Family portrait before the ceremony
They had a dinner and ceremony in the gym; then we headed out onto the field before the Marist homecoming game.  The boys had a blast dancing with the Marist war eagle and Catelin was a trooper as always.

A few pics from the gym cermony:

Steve handshakesteve and coach

Steve and boys

Steve with Coach Bell (who’s winning percentage in his 25 years at Marist was an incredible 88%):
Steve and Coach Bell

We then went onto the football field.  It was really special to see Steve honored in this way – we were all so proud.


On Saturday, the reminiscing continued as we went to the GT homecoming game verses BYU.  The alumni cheerleaders were allowed on the field for the first quarter so I was able to relive my pom-pom days and cheer from the sidelines. 

Family homecoming
Family pic before the game
steve boys in stands
In the stands
The Ramblin’ Wreck
Whitney and me on the field

We won’t discuss the outcome of the game (Tech has been abysmal at best this year), but it was great to be back down there!  Go Jackets!


  1. Wow- that is so awesome! What an honor for Steve. :)

  2. !. Wow! Way to go Steve!!
    2. Okay. I have decided that MJ is looking a lot like YOU these days and Ty looks EXACTLY like Steve.
    3. Even better that Steve got to return to Marist with his hot wife and three super cute kids.
    4. Family photo on football field at Marist -- must the entire family be so gorgeous? Not. Even. Fair.
    5. You MUST post an old cheerleader photo! Would love to see that.

    xo, KM