Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or Treat

My little peanuts

So, I tried to get Ty and MJ to be Toy Story’s Woody and Buzz, but MJ insisted on being Spiderman (yes, again) this year.  Their costumes came in the mail about a week before Halloween, and the boys put on their costumes as soon as I opened the box:

MJ SpidermanTy as Woody

Ty’s preschool class had their parade and classroom party last Tuesday.  The kids were all so adorable.  Ty did great during the parade until they started going back inside without mommy – then the melt down began.  Thankfully it was short lived since all of us were going inside for snack time!

Ty parade

Ty party

MJ’s parade and party were on Wednesday.  Why am I not surprised that he was the first in line?!

MJ paradeMJ parade and party

MJ party

Our neighborhood does a great job with Halloween.  They close one of the large roads so only the people who live on the street can come through – what a difference that made!  The kids had a blast and Catelin really seemed to enjoy looking at all of the costumes.  Cousin James joined us a little later in the evening- they were all so cute together.

Trick or treatCatelin trick or treating


With cousin James

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