Friday, November 16, 2012

MJ Turns FOUR!


I can’t believe my oldest child just turned four.  We did MJ’s big birthday celebration in Savannah over the weekend since Steve was going to be out of town.  On Monday (the 5th), MJ began the day with his favorite breakfast of waffles, eggs and strawberries.  He quickly ran upstairs, got himself dressed in his favorite Spiderman shirt with matching pants and socks and even brought down an outfit for Ty.  He couldn’t wait to go to school and tell all of his classmates that he is “FOUR!” 

Catelin, Ty, and I made a special trip to his class later that morning – we brought his favorite dessert (Golden Oreos) with Spiderman cups, plates, and napkins.  MJ led the class in their snack time prayer “The Lord is Good to Me…” and the kids sang Happy Birthday to my sweet boy. 


The teacher, Ms. Ann, then introduced the mystery reader for the month- which happened to be me!  MJ’s little eyes widened in surprise and delight as I read two of his favorite books- The Foolish Tortoise and The Grouchy Ladybug

We headed back home for a quick lunch- I made his standard turkey and cheese tortilla sandwich shaped like an elephant (believe it or not, Publix has great sandwich cutters), veggie straws, yogurt, and fruit.  Then it was time for some alone time with mommy…. per his request, off we went to the zoo! 


No matter how many times we go there, he is always beyond excited when we walk through the gates.  I was laughing hysterically while MJ announced to anyone who would listen “I’m FOUR now!  Today is my birthday!”  It was adorable.


All of a sudden, he seemed like such a big boy…as though I blinked and he became a four year old. 

November 5, 2008
November 5, 2012

We headed home so he could eat second favorite dinner- a Chick fil A grilled nugget kids meal (his favorite is Kraft Easy Mac- has to be the shapes, not the noodles).  After his evening routine – bath time, play time with Ty and Catelin, and thirty minutes of puzzles or a movie on the Ipad, he said his evening prayers (with a special thank you to “God and Jesus” for his special day)!  And with that, his fourth birthday was over.

MJ’s 4 year old interview (these are all his very own answers):

1. What is your favorite color? Black (it was blue, then orange- this is his most recent answer)

2. What is your favorite toy?  My stuffed animal shark (Sharkie)

3. What is your favorite fruit: Strawberries and blueberries and grapes

4. What is your favorite t.v. show? Doc McStuffins.  Movie? Madagascar 3

5. What is your favorite game?  Go fish

6. What is your favorite snack?  Fruit snacks

7. What is your favorite animal?  Clouded leopard

8. What is your favorite song? Gangham style (not. even. kidding.)

9. Who is your best friend? Matthew (Greco) and Chase (Fennelly)

10. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play and explore

11. What is your favorite holiday? Halloween (it is usually whatever holiday is coming up or has just passed)

12. What is your favorite body part? My twig (Why did I even ask this question??  We call his private parts his twig and berries…such a boy).

13. What do you take to bed with you at night?  Sharkie, Ninja turtle blanket and Spiderman sheets

14. What do you want to be when you grow up? A daddy and a superhero.

15. Who is your favorite team? Georgia Tech!  Then the Bucs, Falcons, and Steelers


A few more things…

MJ is very outgoing – he loves to meet new people and has never met a stranger.  His teacher told me that half of the girls in the class have a crush on him (we are in big trouble in a few years)!  He is so sweet- very loving and nurturing, especially when it comes to Ty and Catelin.  He even walks Ty to his classroom every day before heading into his own class. 


MJ also has a dramatic side- you should have seen him get his 4 year old shots… he started screaming at the nurse, “Why are you doing this to me?!  I’ve been a good boy!!”  It was heartbreaking.  He subsequently decided the shots were so terrible he could hardly walk and spent the rest of the afternoon walking around like a wounded war veteran!  (It was actually pretty funny)

MJ has really enjoyed school this year.  At his parent-teacher conference, Ms. Ann highlighted a few of his strengths- communication (which is not surprising since he was speaking in complete, clear 5-6 word sentences at 18 months old) and science (be still my inner dork!  I was beyond excited!!).  MJ told me after school the other day that they tested his “hypothesis” that magnets were attracted to metal and he was right! 

My dearest MJ-

I am so proud of the boy you have become.  Four years ago, you gave me the most precious gift of being a mother for the first time.  Every day, my love for you multiplies.  I hope you know how much I thank God for you- for your loving, sweet personality, for your drama, for making me laugh, for just being you. 

Happy four years, my sweet boy.



  1. It is so cute that his favorite game is "Go Fish." And I love the video! Looks like MJ got his moves from you, huh? ;) Happy Birthday MJ!

  2. oh my...that video still has me cracking up. please tell mj happy 4th birthday big boy! let's take the kids to the zoo soon. love you!

  3. The story about his shots his hilarous. He is such a cutie. Happy Birthday MJ :)

  4. i just cracked up! thanks, jules. i love mj.