Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March Happenings

Random post ahead….

1. To Grandmother’s house we go.

A couple of weekends ago, I took the kids up to my parent’s house for the weekend.  They are BEYOND spoiled when we are up there, so of course they had a blast!  Poor Catelin wasn’t feeling well (a nasty cold that turned into a double ear infection – yuck), but she seemed to have a good time any way.  Here are some pics and a video of the boys playing in the jacuzzi.

boys donutscookie dough

catelin at grandma's

2. Potty training Ty baby

Well, I have been putting it off long enough.  He is a two year old boy who really doesn’t care about being wet or dirty, so I didn’t think he was quite ready…but then I got tired of having two kids in diapers (again).  We did a potty training boot camp at home last week- I just put him in underwear and kept taking him to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes.  He protested the first two days, but then it just clicked.  Since then, he has only had one accident (when we had been gone for awhile and went over to a friend’s house – thankfully it was just #1)!.  He has even been waking up dry from his nap and bedtime.  We will see how he does at school (I put him in a pull-up for school or if we are gone for an extended period of time, but other than that he is now in underwear).  YAY my Ty Ty! 

Potty training

3. Tyler the Grump

Ty is such a sweet kid…except for when he wakes up in the morning or from nap.  We call him the “Grumpster” because it takes him about 10 minutes before he wants to talk to us or partake in any activity whatsoever.  It is actually hilarious and MJ teases him the whole time (which of course adds fuel to the fire)…here a couple of pictures from this morning:

Grumpstergrumpster 2

4. MJ-ism: Tickets to the gun show

The three days that I work, I go in the boys’ room to wake MJ up so we can have some time together before I leave (of note, I let the Grumpster sleep in).  A couple of weeks ago when I went in to get him, he stood up, leaned over and did 5 push-ups. 
Me: MJ, what are you doing, bud?

MJ: Oh, I was just doing a few push-ups…you know, some exercise to start the day.

Me: (laughing so hard I am about to cry) Well, that’s great sweetie.

MJ: I know, I need to build up my guns.


MJ push upMJ muscles
P.S. He is now doing this a couple of times per week!

5. My BIG girl

As you may have seen on my last post, Catelin is a BIG baby.  Ty was actually a very big 9 month old but Catelin is almost an entire pound heavier than he was at this age- YIKES!  But she is beyond precious and sweet.  Can’t you just eat her up?!  Here are a couple of pictures from our doctor’s visit as well as one of her eating her first donut.  :)

Catelin big girl9 months


6. The Catholic Super Bowl

Wasn’t it just awesome to see the white smoke last week?  It brought tears to my eyes to watch this ancient tradition after Pope Francis was elected.  Incredible.

white smoke

7.  Soccer time!

They let MJ play soccer with the Pre-K class at the big school (even though he is in the 3 year old class at the preschool).  He is thrilled to play with the “big kids” – he doesn’t quite have their attention span yet, but he is really enjoying himself.  (Of course, best buddy Matthew is on the team as well).

MJ soccerMJ soccer 2

8. Little Leprechauns

Grandma got the boys these adorable sunglasses for St. Patrick’s Day – too cute:

MJ st patty (1)ty st patty

9. Yellow River Game Ranch

We spent the majority of last weekend outside (the weather has been awesome)!  We wanted to try something different so we took the kids to the Yellow River Game Ranch on Sunday.  It is reminiscent of We Bought A Zoo – there are peacocks, chickens, and roosters walking around and a long trail you follow to see all of the animals.  MJ was not afraid of getting up close to them but Ty kept his distance and let his big brother feed the animals.  Catelin had fun checking out everything from the comfort of her stroller.

MJ feeding dearMJ feeding goat

boys peacocksteve and boys

Ty with bearCatelin chillin (1)

mommy and ty

10. Car seat switch

We finally switched Catelin to the convertible car seat…she is not too sure about it yet, but hopefully it will grow on her.  MJ is now in a booster seat (I wish I had switched him MONTHS ago, it is awesome and soooo easy for him to get in and out of)!  They are really growing up….



  1. Awww, love this post. The last picture of all three kids is so cute. I am so proud of Ty for being potty trained and I love that MJ is doing push-ups. Love me some Eco kids. :)

  2. Jules! I love it all...Way to to Ty!...MJ cracks me up...Catelin is so big...Ditto about the white all the random information. Miss you.