Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daddies and Dear Ones

Someone complained to our preschool that too many of our activities revolved around food.  As a result, our annual Donuts for Dads turned into “Daddies and Dear Ones” – the kids took their favorite stuffed animal and the dads helped them build a house for it to live in. 

Steve took the boys for a special breakfast at J. Christopher’s before Daddies for Dear Ones.  Of note, this event occurred a couple of weeks ago during Ty’s potty training boot camp.  After a delicious pancake breakfast, Steve was handing the waitress his credit card when he turned around to find Ty with his underwear and pants down to his ankles, bare tush and all getting ready to pee on the floor (yes, in the middle of the restaurant)!  Thankfully Steve was able to grab him in time and get him to the bathroom.  We subsequently explained (at length) to Ty Ty that he can’t just drop his pants and pee when he doesn’t know where the bathroom is!  (I can now say that this sunk in and he hasn’t mooned anyone since then).  :)

MJ brought his favorite stuffed shark and Ty brought Elmo.  Steve had a great time helping them build homes for their toys. 

MJ daddyTy daddy

When the building was complete, MJ presented daddy with a plaque he made during class the week before.  The teacher asked each student to finish the sentence “My daddy is special because…”  Here is MJ’s response:

Boxing russians

It says “My daddy is special because he boxes Russians.”  Apparently he got Steve confused with Rocky Balboa!  hahaha.  Gotta. love. that. kid.

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  1. I mix Steve up with Rocky all the time. Ha ha ha.

    Excuse me, but I don't appreciate only getting a butt shot of Caitlin. Don't let it happen again. ;)