Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Easter!

It was a wonderful Easter.  The kids actually (sort of) behaved at mass … except for the 2 minutes that MJ and Ty decided to wrestle on the floor.  Well, at least MJ didn’t run up on the alter! 

We had our Easter egg hunt at OLA last week:

MJ OLA huntTy OLA hunt

Catelin OLA hunt 2 (1)Catelin OLA hunt 2 (2)

Easter bunny

Ty’s preschool class had their Easter egg hunt on Tuesday (of course it was one of the coldest days of the entire year so it was a quick one!)

ty school huntCL ty party

Ty class Easter party

We have the best neighbors in the world – Pablo and Barbara and their two adorable children, Santiago (8) and Isabella (5).  They are from Mexico and invited us to their Mexican Easter egg hunt.  I have never heard of this before, but it was so much fun!  They save eggshells for 3 months leading up to the event, stuff them with confetti and put tissue paper over the hole.  After hiding them all over the yard, the kids grab them and smash them over each other’s heads.   MJ was right in the thick of it with the big kids.  Ty was more interested in eating his lollipop and Catelin wasn’t too sure about all of the chaos.

MJ and SantiagoMJ getting daddy

Ty at PabloCL at Pablo's

We dyed the Easter eggs Saturday evening – MJ decided he wanted to avoid getting it on his clothes so he went reverse commando for the event…

MJ dying eggsTy dying eggs

On Sunday, the kids were thrilled to find the Easter bunny came! 

easter basketsMJ Easter basket

Ty Easter basketCL Easter basket

After a beautiful mass celebrating our risen Lord, Eddie and my parents came over for an early dinner.  Steve grilled a delicious steak on the Green Egg (which was enormous and could have fed both of our extended families)!  

Easter family
Happy Easter!

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