Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cousins Everywhere!!

New family
Camden Parker Brucker born April 3, 2013.
A month ago, I scheduled a trip down to Florida to go to Leah’s baby shower in Tampa (she is brother Andrew’s wife) and then fly over to Boca Raton to see Ann and (hopefully!) her new baby.  Ann was due on April 10th and I was going to be there from the 7th-9th.  It turns out that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect!  Ann actually went into labor early, had Camden on the 3rd, and was home from the hospital the day before I arrived. 
On Saturday, I had a wonderful time at Leah’s shower (she is due in early June with their first baby- a boy, of course!).  She looks beautiful and so happy.  Colleen, Kerry, and Lee also made it down to celebrate her special day.
Leah belly pic
colleen and girlsIMG_3296

The next day, I flew over to Boca to meet my nephew (and Godson!) Camden…My parents were already there (they drove down earlier in the week and made it in time for the birth).  He is such a precious little peanut who has loving, proud parents.  It was wonderful to see Ann and Jeff so happy.  

IMG_3307Julie and camden 2

camden in seatcamden

Julie and Camden chillin

And while I was in Boca without any kids, I took advantage and went to the beach!

feet beachIMG_3303

A big thank you to hubs for taking care of the kids while I was gone!

three in the tub
My little cuties

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  1. Wow- super impressed with Steve keeping them all alone for a few days. And yay for you for getting away! :)