Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Little Yellow Jackets

Lil' yellow jackets

We were so excited to take the kids to Georgia Tech’s first game of the season against Elon this past weekend.  MJ’s face lit up when I told him we were going downtown to watch the Yellow Jackets.  He ran to the closet, put on his jersey and said “mom, can we get some dippin’ dots when we get there?!”  As a side note, MJ thinks the only place you can get this delicious treat is at Bobby Dodd Stadium – I plan to keep it that way for now. :)

Last year Catelin was too little to go to the games so this was her first time!  I have dreamt of putting my little girl in a GT uniform since I was in college and it did not disappoint:

CL mommyCL mommy close

We have about a 3/4 mile walk to the stadium from where we park, so we put all three of them in the sit-to-stand stroller

Kids stroller 1Kids stroller
Riding in style
It was hot out there – thankfully we had some cloud cover for awhile. 
boys gameCL at game
MJ sure enjoyed his dippin’ dots
dippin dots
But even ice cream couldn’t cool us down once the sun came out.  We stayed about an hour and since we were already winning 42-0 at that point we decided to go.  The kids did great.  Oh yeah, and in case you didn’t hear we won 70-0…GO JACKETS!!!!
Here is how we spent the rest of Labor Day weekend…
kids on beerMJ on car

Visiting Eagle Rock’s new warehouse- it is ENORMOUS!

CL poolMJ and Ty pool
Splash pad!
Having a ball at the country club (when it wasn’t raining!)
Kids zoo
And of course a trip to the zoo!

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