Monday, September 30, 2013

September Fun

GT fam 1

Catelin is recovering well; I would say she is about 98% back to her old self.  The first few days/weeks home were hard on her – she was deathly afraid of strangers for awhile (I don’t blame her since every stranger that came into her hospital room poked her!) but that seems to be getting much better.  She even had a blast with her brothers at the Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech tailgate last week…

CL and Ty bus 1CL and Ty bus 2
CL GT dressCL and daddy

We were so excited that Lindsey and Joe were able to make the trip from Sandersville for the game!

MJ and Lindz

More fun on the Bud bus:

Ty sillyTy and mommy bus

Last Friday I was the mystery reader for Ty’s class- he was sooo excited.  He sat in my lap while we read There’s an Alligator Under My Bed and The Foolish Tortoise

After class was over, we walked over to the “big school” to check MJ out early.  MJ announced to everyone in the front office that he was going on a trip with mommy and daddy to watch mommy’s race.  Ms. Lisa was kind enough to watch Ty and Catelin while the three of us drove to Darlington, SC that afternoon.  Packet pick up was at the Darlington raceway stock car museum – MJ had so much fun looking at the old cars.

MJ car 2MJ and mommy car 2

The next morning, we woke up early to get to the race.  It was pretty cold at the start – Steve and MJ warmed up under blanket and wished me good luck.

Me and hubsMJ and mommy 2

MJ and mommy 3

The weather was perfect for a marathon (upper 50’s /60’s the majority of the race).  There is not much in terms of scenery in Darlington, but I loved being out there.  The last mile was a lap around the NASCAR race track, so that was really cool.  Because it was a small race, they let Steve and MJ onto the finish line.  It was awesome to see MJ’s little face light up as I crossed the line– he was so proud.  He even got to put the finisher’s medal around my neck!

MJ and me- finishMy biggest fans
26.2 miles later - marathon #16!

After the race we jumped back in the car and headed home.  It wouldn’t have been been feasible to do such a quick trip with all three of the kids.  MJ did such a great job; he didn’t complain once about being in the car that long.  I think we may have a future runner on our hands.  :)


  1. Oh Julie! I'm so impressed! As I sit here and wonder if I'll ever have stomach muscles again after this 3rd baby, you are encouraging :) congrats! And those kids are adorable!!! (Your game day guests were cute too ;)

  2. so happy and glad and thankful that i got to see you. love you all to pieces.

    ...and yes, you are a rockstar.