Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ty is THREE!

Birthday boy

Ty’s birthday was Saturday- I can’t believe he is already three!  We decided to have a last minute Cars themed birthday party on Tuesday evening with his friends from school. 

Yardfamily 1

mommy, daddy, Ty

party 1party 2

And of course the cake featured Lightning McQueen and Mater!

cakeTy cake

Here is Steve trying to block MJ from blowing out the candle  :)

Steve blocking MJ

The birthday boy did get to blow it out…

Ty candle

m, d, and ty

Catelin is feeling much better and had fun at the party as well:

CL and grandpaIMG_3939

 On Saturday we made it “Ty Day” and he got to choose our activities for the day.  He (not surprisingly) wanted to go to the zoo!

Ty flamingoskids zoo

ty birdsmj birds

Ty carouselCL lion

It was a special treat to have daddy there; the kids had a great time showing him all of the animals.  And MJ was ecstatic that the Red Panda is back on exhibit!!!!

Red panda!

It’s hard to describe Ty in words.  He is much more shy than his older brother, but once he warms up to you he is a chatterbox.  Ty is beyond sweet – don’t get me wrong, he certainly has his moments – but he has a very gentle and kind soul.  Disciplining him has been easy thus far…he gets upset when we simply raise our voices to him, so putting him in time out is a huge deal.  The kid is hilarious; he makes me laugh (I mean a full blown belly laugh) multiple times a day.  He has the most adorable smile and when he giggles you just can’t help but giggle along. 

Ty is an incredible brother.  He admires and loves MJ beyond words.  The other day MJ was in trouble and we sent him up to his room.  I was downstairs with Ty and all of a sudden he starting crying – he was so upset.  When I asked why, he said  “because brother is in trouble and I want him back down here with me!”  Ty also loves his little sister.  He will playfully “bully” Catelin and steal her toys but if she really gets upset he gives it right back to her.  He is very protective of CL when we are out and he loves to give her hugs and kisses. 

I also need to mention that the kid is tough.  I mean, real tough.  If he is horsing around and starts crying then he is really, truly hurt and is probably bleeding somewhere.  Otherwise he usually jumps right up and shakes it off. 

I just can’t get enough of this kid.  He is the sweetest, funniest, most adorable THREE year old I know!  :)

Ty cars cup

My dearest Ty Ty,

I love you to infinity and beyond. 



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  1. I love the picture of Steve blocking MJ from blowing out the candle. Hilarious and totally MJ! And I can't imagine a more adorable or sweeter little boy than Ty. He is beyond precious. Happy birthday Ty Ty!!!!