Sunday, November 10, 2013

Bring on the Reptiles

Family 1

We had a Ninja Turtle themed birthday party for MJ last weekend.  I hired the Reptile Guys to come perform a one hour show, and since it is geared to ages 4 and 5 (and above) we decided to just invite MJ’s friends from school. 

MJ and ChaseBoys


I originally planned on having the whole party in the backyard but it turns out that the reptiles have to be at a temperature of 68 degrees or above…so we rearranged our living room furniture and had the show up there.  It was awesome; they did such a great job engaging the kids and making it interactive.

audienceMJ lizard

He brought a lizard, turtles, a huge tortoise, snakes, a monitor (komodo) dragon, iguanas, a baby alligator and more. 


Ty alligatorSnake


MJ was a little afraid of feeding the dragon so he made Ty do it first.  Ty was very brave and walked right up to it with the banana.  After sacrificing his little brother and making sure it was safe, MJ went up to feed it with daddy.  :)

Ty feeding KimodoMJ feeding Kimodo

The Reptile Guy also had fun with Grandma and Uncle Eddie…

IMG_4175Uncle Eddie

And then he brought out Banana – not the kind you eat, but an enormous yellow Burmese python!!  A few of the kids were brave enough to touch it.  Then we got a family picture- which was hilarious because Catelin was scared to death and screaming the whole time. 

Banana 1banana fam

Banana boys

At the end was the petting zoo session where all of the kids got a chance to hold the reptiles and even ride the tortoise.


Then it was time for cake...




Happy 5th birthday MJ!

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  1. This is awesome! Love that Ty went to feed the dragon first. Ahhh, the Eco kids are the best!