Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween Fun


The boys were obsessed with jack-o-lanterns this year so they couldn’t wait to carve pumpkins with daddy – I was pretty impressed with how well they turned out…

pumpkin carving 1pumpkin carving 2

boys and pumpkinsjack o lanterns

My kids just love blow-ups.  Any time we ride by a house with blow-ups in the yard we have to drive slowly or turn around so they can see them again.  We went to see the famous “blow-up house” while MJ was in school last week- it did not disappoint!

Halloween blow upshalloween blow ups 2

The boys showed off their costumes (Ty was Leonardo and MJ was Rafael) during their school parades…please note that Catelin is in the forefront of both pictures – she is their biggest fan!

Ty parade 2MJ parade

Catelin was the cutest bumble bee I’ve ever seen.

CL bee  CL bee 2

me and kids

Getting ready to go trick-or-treating:

kid pic 1kid pic 2

The boys got pretty large stashes of candy and Catelin even walked up to quite a few houses this year (we won’t mention who ate her candy).  :)

And here I am dressed up as a Georgia Tech cheerleader…well, actually it’s me wishing I was still on the sidelines with my pom-poms!
Me, Whitney and Heather at Homecoming- GT cheerleading alums!

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