Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!


It was a wonderful Christmas!  The kids are at such fun ages – it really brings back the magic of Christmas. 

We spent Christmas Eve singing Christmas carols, making my Grandma Brown’s famous peanut butter balls, and watching Home Alone (the boys are now obsessed with this movie- the first and second one!) before heading to Christmas Eve mass.  The kids were fairly well behaved during church but it was hard for them to sit still since all of their friends from school were there! 

baking 2CL baking

We then went over to brother Andrew’s house- he and Leah were hosting Christmas Eve dinner.  I was in charge of dessert so I bought a delicious caramel cake from A Piece of Cake- YUM!  We gave MJ some extra insulin so he could enjoy a slice Smile


We got a few pictures of our family and Steve’s parents with the grandkids.



Steve found the Santa Tracker app on the iphone so on the way back to our house we tracked Santa- he was starting to cross over the Atlantic Ocean!  When we got home the kids rushed to get into their pajamas, set out some cookies and milk for Santa (and his reindeer) and said goodbye to Simie (our elf on the shelf).  As he does every year, Steve read the kids ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas before we put them to bed.  In spite of their excitement, they all fell asleep quickly (and thankfully before Santa arrived!) 


Simie said goodbye to the kids and his best friend Bear before heading back to the North Pole… We will miss you Simie! 

Simie and bear

Christmas morning was magical.  MJ, Ty and Catelin were beyond excited to walk down the stairs and find presents under the tree along with a note from Santa himself!


And it seemed like they opened presents forever- they were really good this year!




After opening their presents from Santa, we went into the basement to give each of them their presents from mommy and daddy…. Catelin got a Frozen car, Ty got a “pet” robot dog named Zoomer, and MJ got a basketball hoop!



I made Steve his favorite sausage, egg and cheese casserole and the kids got a special breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts!



We had a wonderful morning together as a family.  That afternoon we headed over to the Eco’s house for more presents and dinner!



It was a very merry Christmas.

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