Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Up With the White and Gold


When Georgia Tech football started this year, I don’t think anyone thought we would have such an incredible season.  After clinching the ACC Coastal division with a Duke loss (not ideal, but hey we’ll take it!) and an incredible win against UGA, Steve and I went back and forth about making the trip to Charlotte for the ACC Championship.  The logical part of us knew we should probably stay home- Thanksgiving was late this year and there was still so much to do in preparation for Christmas… but then we received text after text from our friends- “MAKE A PLAY!  WHO KNOWS WHEN WE WILL BE IN THIS POSITION AGAIN!”  The blood that courses through our veins is truly white and gold…so three days before the ACC Championship game we decided to go- frantically getting tickets, transportation, and a sitter for Catelin!


There was NO WAY we were going to be able to go without MJ and Ty- they have become the ultimate GT fans (this warms my heart to its core!) so we planned to take them.  We also knew Catelin wouldn’t be able to make it through the game- her bedtime is between 7:30 and 8:00 and kick off was 8 PM.  Ms. Lisa was kind enough to watch her for us.  Steve was able to get the Bud bus to drive a group of us up to Charlotte that Saturday afternoon.  We got there around 4:00, checked into our hotel and headed to the stadium.  After tailgating for a couple of hours, we started our walk to the stadium and caught a ride on a “rickshaw” that was pulled by a bike!  AWESOME.


Thankfully there were 16 of us who pitched in for a suite (which was perfect for the kids), and our dear friend Kelley brought his son, Austin (who is 8)… those boys had a BLAST!


It was an incredible game, and while we all wish the outcome had been different (GT lost 35-37), we were so proud of our team.  Poor MJ started crying at the end – but when we explained how proud we were of the Jackets for coming this far he seemed to cheer up. 

We won’t be able to make the trip to Miami for the Orange Bowl…but we will be cheering our hearts out from home.  GO JACKETS!!

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