Thursday, December 13, 2012

Catelin at 6 months

Catelin 6 months -2

Here is what Catelin is up to at 6 months old…. 

Eating: We started veggies last month and she loves them!  She has tried all of the yellow, orange, and green vegetables.  We will start fruit next week- I have a feeling she is going to like those even more.  In addition to 3 “solid” meals a day, she drinks about five sic ounce bottles.  The girl is hungry.

Catelin 6 months -4
Feed me, mommy!
Sleeping: One nap in the morning- unfortunately, it is usually on the go while I am busy with activities and school for MJ and Ty.  Sometimes we do make it home for her to nap in the crib.  Her second nap (thankfully) coincides with the boys’ from ~2-4.  At night, we put her down between 7:00 and 7:30 and she usually wakes up around 7:00. 

Mad ski-zzzlls (as MJ would say): She finally started rolling over last month – somehow she figured out how to get her big belly out of the way!  She is also sitting fairly well as you can see in the pictures below:

Catelin 6 months -1Catelin 6 months -3

She transfers objects from one hand to the other and also loves to try to put her feet in her mouth.  I am pretty sure she knows her name- if she is looking the other way and I say “MJ” or “Ty” she won’t turn around, but when I say “Catelin” she looks right at me with a huge smile. 

Likes: Still loves her bouncy chair and jumperoo.


Her new favorite thing is the exercauser…probably because the boys enjoy sitting around it and playing with her.



And she still loves her paci- if she sees one, she will reach for it, grab it and put it right in her mouth. 

Stats: She is a BIG girl… 19 lbs, 9 oz (96%), 28” (>99%).  Obviously, she takes after mommy.  :)

Breakthrough: When she was 5.5 months, her first tooth broke through (the bottom right).   She has actually been doing really well with it, but she can get fussy at times during the day.  (and she is drooling a LOT)!

I can’t believe my little princess arrived into this world half a year ago.  She has brought us all so much joy.

Happy 6 months, my precious girl.