Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MJ–Michael John or Michael Jordan?!

MJ dribbling
Go MJ and Team Thunder!
MJ joined a 4/5 year old basketball team at our local YMCA a couple of weeks ago with his best friend Matthew.  The two of them are by far the youngest on the team (both just turned four), but they are loving every minute of it.  Even Ty enjoys the practices – he gets right out on the court with them and tries to dribble and shoot. 

Daddy coachingDaddy coaching 2

Steve coaching MJ during practice…definitely following in daddy’s footsteps!

Watching a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds play in a basketball game is hilarious- there are 4 refs on the floor along with both coaches.  The kids try to dribble as much as possible, but they inevitably pick up the ball and walk a few steps with it.  MJ has done pretty well in the games – dribbling (a little), passing, and shooting (unfortunately all three of his shots were no where near going in, but he tried)!  Team Thunder has had two games thus far and have won both of them (6-2 and 4-2)!

MJ defenseMJ and Matthew dribbling

Catelin is the team cheerleader:

Catelin cheering

And the snacks at the end of the game are a big hit for everyone!

MJ snack

MJ snack 2

Ty cookie

As I watched MJ’s team this past Saturday, I couldn’t help but think about the tragedy in Connecticut.  There is nothing like the innocence of a child- the true, unbridled joy they find in the smallest of things.  To think that someone robbed those poor, innocent children of the rest of their lives is sickening.  I am praying for the families and the entire grief-stricken community.  It has reminded me to make love a verb every day…to hug my children even longer, to tell them how happy they make me and how truly proud I am of them.

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